Do School Board Elections Matter?

Public schools are run by the public. As engaged citizens, you hire the candidate that will assume a leadership role in overseeing the academic, legal, and financial health of the school district. The candidate you select will represent the public interest as they should have solutions to serve the diverse needs of the community. Aside from your child’s school faculty and staff, a school board candidate will have the most significant effect on your child(ren), because they make the decisions on how the district’s public school funds are spent and how school policies are set to increase students’ social, emotional and academic skills.  

School boards make educational choices for their community; therefore, it is incredibly vital to ensure you are selecting candidates who are concerned and aware of the issues our children face in K-12 classrooms. As a concerned citizen, a voter should research and question their school board candidates as they remain engaged in creating educational solutions for their community. The candidates you select have the responsibility of working with all stakeholders as they keep them informed on equitable solutions that will promote students’ academic skills within their district. 

A school board candidate must always reflect on the community’s expectations and needs for their school district as they keep in mind their responsibility to help students remove academic barriers. 

The business or responsibility of the candidates should include:  

  • Developing revue streams to fund increased teacher salaries, updated school buildings, technology, textbooks and library books.  
  • Address budget issues, which includes the overspending in certain areas or positions
  • Advocating the needs of the public school system with the students in mind

As you are thinking about your candidate(s) ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they have a genuine interest in improving the public school system within your area?
  • Are they aware of the issues (big and small) with in the district?
  • Do they understand the current curriculum, the district strengths and weaknesses as well as the district policies and state education laws?
  • Are they truly committed to serving the public through public education? This includes believing every child is deserving of a fair education despite their race, creed or color.

Active school board members are essential to the health of the school district, local colleges, and the economy. They should maintain a healthy organizational and supportive structure within their community as they empower the superintendent and district administrators to manage schools, the teachers to effectively teach students, and the students to thrive in their learning environment. 
Remember, you want a candidate that is willing to fight for all children as they make decisions that will academically, socially, and emotionally advance all students.

The Challenge: 

  1. VOTE! Your vote matters!
  2. Stay actively involved in your community schools. 
  3. Monitor the choices your school board makes as well the progress of your local schools.
  4. Know the FACTS!