About The Dreamer

As an accomplished, visionary leader in education with years of teaching, leading, and program development experience, Brandi Clay, Ed.D has significantly contributed to the 21st century education system. Dr. Clay, has been an educator in Title 1 schools since graduating from Dillard University in 2012. Her expertise lies in curriculum writing, teacher development, as well as piloting educational and community outreach initiatives with academic boards and community stakeholders. The goal driven educator, possesses the passion necessary to improve the quality of education for all students, as she continues to contest the systemic challenges that plague today’s educational system. As a recent Baylor University graduate, Dr. Clay, desires to improve the educational experiences of minority students as she continues to develop The Educational Dreamer (non – profit) and The Ed.D. Series.

When she is not enlightening her students or challenging the educational system, Brandi enjoys shopping, traveling, and being an active member of her beloved sorority.

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