The [Ed]ucational + [Dream]er

The Educational Dreamer and The Ed.D. Series was created by Dr. Brandi Clay, a certified educator who wanted to share her knowledge, passion, and vision for an education system, which promotes educational attainment for all despite their race, religious creed, ethnicity, or gender. The Educational Dreamer is dedicated to positively changing the educational experiences of students as we inspire, educate, and empower all stakeholders for a better tomorrow.

The EdD Series works with schools, districts, state departments of education as well as education foundations to provide:

  • increased teacher retention;
  • accountability services;
  • instructional design and support;
  • quality review of the school system;
  • leadership support.

By providing these services, The EdD Series will strengthen and grow the goals, priorities, and vision of the school, school system, and educational leaders.

The Educational Dreamer Nonprofit prepares students for success. We strive to ensure every child in the K-12 public school system has equal educational opportunities. The Educational Dreamer will help to eliminate education inequalities by providing the following services:

  • rigorous academics to develop students’ academic skills;
  • community workshops to promote stakeholder engagement;
  • identify and reduce achievement gaps among minority students;
  • promote policies that help raise students’ achievement levels and increase culture improvements to support racial and cultural diversity.

“And the truth is that some of the problems we face -structural inequality, schools that lag behind, workplace and housing discrimination – those problems are too big for one person to fix on their own. But that’s still no excuse to stand on the sidelines. Because we know that today, education is still the key to real and lasting freedom. So it is now up to us to cultivate that hunger for education in our own lives and in those around us. “

-Michelle Obama

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